Dressage Trainers

Dressage Horse Trainers in Ontario, Canada

Training a horse to high skill is not easy. Horse owners prefer a flexible and obedient horse. For a horse to develop these characteristics, it has to undergo dressage training.

There are excellent dressage horse trainers in Ontario, Canada. Below are 10 dressage horse trainers you may consider.

1. Volte Equestrian

Volte Equestrian is a horse farm in Stayner, Ontario. The freelances trainer is a dressage horse trainer. Breeds that Volte specializes in include Thoroughbred, Pony, Warmblood, Quarter Horse, Draft, Paint Pony, and Arabian among others.

2. Liz Schilke Dressage

The Liz Schilke are located in Hamilton, Ontario. They offer dressage training to most horse breeds. The dressage training offered ranges from beginners to advanced horses.

3. Buxton Equestrian

Katie Buxton who has more than 12 years of experience runs the Buxton Equestrian. This horse farm is in Colborne, Ontario. They offer dressage horse training to Quarter Horse, Draft, Gypsy Banner and Appendix breeds.

4. Northern Legacy

Located in the Northern Ontario (Whitefish), this horse farm offers dressage training to various breeds. These include Hanoverian, Clydesdale, Oldenburg and Belgian warmblood just to mention a few.

5. Belle Wood Equestrian Centre

Belle Wood Equestrian Centre is a 56 acres horse facility found in Greenwood, Ontario. The farms provides dressage training to the Canadian, Holsteiner, and Belgian Warmblood horse breeds.

6. Field of Dreams Farm

This is a private farm along the Monarch Road in Lindsay, ON. The dressage training offered involves all-ages horses.

7. Select Stud Farms

The 250 Acre farms are in Kettleby, Ontario. They provide dressage training to Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Paint, and Quarter Horse breeds.


The EquiStrong which is in Greenwood, ON is determined to help riders achieve their goals. EquiStrong also provides dressage training.

9. Enlighted Dressage

The Oro Medonte located horse farm provides Classical French dressage training. They train the Andalusian breed.

10. Happy Horse Dressage

Happy Horse Dressage in Portland, Ontario offers classical dressage. They train Hungarian, Andalusian, Lipizzan and other breeds.